The Perfect Wedding Invitation Cards

Preparations for your wedding party have begun, haven’t they? What wonderful news! After thinking about the venue, the party theme, and the guest list, now it’s time to know how to choose the wedding invitation.

In a way, receiving an invitation is the first moment of joy at the wedding, even before everything happens. Therefore, you should think of this piece as a part of the ceremony and that requires as much care in the choice as everything else.

The good news is that receiving a beautiful and different invitation is a joy for the guests. So, let’s find out how to get the choice right?

Know what you need to choose

An invitation is much more than a simple announcement: it needs to be something beautiful to look at, like a decorative object, a craft, or a work of art. In other words, there is a whole artistic and research work involved. Therefore, you need to be concerned about the diversity of elements that make up the invitation.

Match the invitation with the main theme of the wedding

In the same way that the theme of your party reflects the style and personality of the bride and groom, wedding/wedding-invitations.html”>wedding invitation cards should also be in line with the theme. Whatever the model or type of invitation, there are always ways to make it your own, give it a special touch, print the couple’s personality.

style=”font-weight: 400;”>It’s no use following the traditional style just for the sake of following it, as if it were an obligation. Think about it: if you send an invitation that has to do with the party, your guests will already know what to expect, get a taste of what’s to come, and be excited for the big day.

seek inspiration

Even when we have an idea of ​​the styles and formats that attract us the most, it will still be difficult to choose what we want without researching what is already available on the market beforehand.

The diversity is so impressive that you are sure to be amazed. Once you’ve found a few examples that you think are cute, you can select from them which elements you want in your own invitation. Another way to make a good impression is to choose the correct language for the message, which can be formal or fun, depending on the personality of the couple and the style of the planned ceremony.

Want three solid suggestions? 

  • Traditional 
  • Modern 
  • Vintage.

Wedding is all about tradition. So this is a style that never goes wrong.

Now, if your idea is to have a more lively and dancing party, modern invitation templates are always a fun option.

Rose gold foil invitations card

The perfect invitation for a modern and fashionable event. Our rose gold foil has been designed to resemble the look of old money, with its intricate engraving on both sides in sleek black font that spells out “EVENT”. A beautiful symbol should never be forgotten; this card’s simplicity makes it elegant yet memorable!

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