How to decide between PPC on Google vs. Facebook?

With more than half of the population online, the digital age has emerged as one of the biggest revolutions across the globe. The internet giants have opened up the flood gates of revolutionary products that enable reaching the desired target audience in one shot. Social media giant Facebook and search engine mammoth, Google have locked horns for the lion share.

Despite the wide range of options, a lot many marketers are still confused about which platform to spend their advertisement budget on. Some might argue that the best way would be to split the budget into two halves, but that is not the solution always. Here are some tips to help you decide between PPC on Google vs. Facebook.

Test the waters beforehand

One of the best methods to begin your advertisement journey would be to test both the platforms before jumping into any conclusions. A smaller campaign on both platforms would help you draw tons of insights. What works and what does not and draw meaningful inferences from it.

The act could help you save millions of dollars, which otherwise would have been wasted. The results obtained could be processed to help marketers plan out an extensive campaign. People with a knack for creativity are best situated for the job, and hence companies can come up with exciting games or other attractive themes.

Find where most of your customers spend time on

Part of digital marketing is knowing more about the company more than the audience. Are you a B2B e-commerce platform, or are you a consumer brand that sells socks. Understanding your business is the first and foremost step and hence allows you to choose the platforms of your choice.

To take this further, the next step is to understand where your customers spend more time on. Are they millennials who spend most of the time on Facebook, or are they professionals who often lookout for suitable options on search engines? Once you have identified your consumers, the rest is smooth sailing.

Do you want conversations? Do you have enough bandwidth?

Ads on Facebook play a better role than Google when it comes to conversations. If you are planning for a marketing your brand through interactive elements like pictures, videos, or interactions with the customer representatives, Facebook outpaces Google. But before you can begin such an extensive advertisement, you have to look at your bandwidth. Such interactive promotion can cost you a fortune and can lead to hiring several employees too. Evaluate all the pros and cons before jumping into any decision hurriedly.

Evaluate and compare the ROI beforehand

Marketing is about making money. Consider the investment and the expected result to make sure which option has the best returns. Search engines still play a crucial role in the advertisement, with the technology being the backbone of the internet. On the other hand, the popularity of social networks has degraded in the recent few years. Better models have emerged in the past years, and marketers remain dicey about the effectiveness of the platform. However, the recent reforms have given a significant boost to the industry with a new and sophisticated tool developed in the recent past.

The world of digital marketing is highly volatile, and hence, companies have to evolve with the changing times. Both the platforms have their pros and cons and, therefore, should be selected based on needs. Companies looking for more interactive solutions could switch to Facebook, while on the other hand, an increasing number of people still used Google to draw the attention of potential customers.

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