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Ikea isn’t the only company that caters for the best furniture and Amazon isn’t the only website to provide premium quality products. Then why do these brands come to your mind when thinking of online shopping or furniture stores? It is the power of branding.

All it takes is knowing the right content, the right audience and the right time. It is quite tricky to find such a sweet spot. But, once you get to know the secret recipe, there is no turning back! 66% of the consumers appreciate the brand’s transparency.

What are the other factors you need to consider? Read further to know,

Knowing yourself is half battle won.

You might have a great product and wonderful customer service. Everything is going great, but fundamentally who exactly are you? What are the values your company shares? The more aligned and centred you are, the more clearer your brand gets. Let’s take the example of Netflix! 

It started out by selling and renting DVDs by mail. However, over a year, they started focusing on just the rental business. As it boomed, they slowly introduced streaming media and video on demand. And now you know where it stands – giving the big Hollywood productions a run for their money. Reading about them will impart enough knowledge about how to know yourself and the company.

Let them judge you!

According to a survey conducted in 2018, a visitor forms an opinion on the website within the first (wait for it) 0.05 seconds! You might get stressed about how your website looks. But what’s more important is how you examine your website and make it more presentable. The key here is to keep it simple.

Once they form an opinion, entice them with a popup asking if they want any more relevant information. It will keep the visitors’ interest rolling. Offer gated content – which means to ask them to subscribe to your newsletter in return for the free information they’re searching for. 

If not, you always have email finder websites like It is the CEO of the email database and can fetch you any contact in just a matter of seconds.

The human touch

No one likes to become a number in the statistics, especially when it is related to money. So, yes! People will not prefer you if you treat them like they’re your ATM. Instead of ”selling” the product, create awareness about how helpful your product is. Add value to the brand.

Conducting quality engagement by having essential interactions is a must for every brand. Do so, by opening up to the general public on social media. You don’t have to be on every platform. Choose the ones that resonate with you best, and then socialize accordingly.


While the above are the most crucial factors to enhance your branding, others include

  • networking offline through events
  • defining your niche
  • affiliate with another brand
  • Use quality content

Hope you’ve liked them. Let us know what else we can include here in the comments section. We’d be happy to hear from you!