By now you will probably know that digital marketing professionals are in demand. In fact, the job market in this industry is bursting at its seams with brands placing more importance on digital marketing than in previous years. Bigger budgets and more career choices are some of the benefits digital marketers can enjoy in this year and years to come.

Are you debating over whether or not to shift your career direction or what to consider studying next? You may want to review the top four digital marketing benefits before you commit to anything. Trust us, they’re good.

#1: Becoming An In-Demand Professional

You’ve heard about the digital skills gap, right? Well, according to statistics, digital jobs are predicted to reach over 150,000 jobs in the next two years. Needless to say, there are not enough skilled digital marketing professionals to meet these needs especially Marketing Director roles. This offers people studying digital marketing a unique competitive edge – they are preparing themselves for a career where demand obviously exceeds supply. Always a positive move!

According to Mondo, the demand for professionals in digital marketing is predicted to increase by 30 percent in the next year. So, isn’t it time that you take advantage of this growth?

The Top Tip:

Before embarking on a new career in digital marketing, you should consider which digital marketing skill is the most in-demand for 2018/2019.

#2: Benefit From The Career Choice

Digital giants, such as LinkedIn, Google and Twitter, have their headquarters based in Dublin; thereby, providing numerous employment opportunities for professionals in digital marketing. Rarely a week passes without a new onslaught of digital skill jobs being offered for national brands, multinational corporations and even SMEs.

For instance, Ryan Air recently developed 200 digital jobs where many of them were digital marketing positions. At the Web Summit Taoiseach, Enda Kenny announced the creation of 400 digital jobs spanning a range of digital marketing roles. Moreover, LinkedIn is set to increase their workforce by 50 percent, and Microsoft Plan is set to hire at least 100 more digital marketing graduates.

With this wide array of career opportunities available directly under your nose, a digital marketing professional can be picky regarding the company with which they would like to work.

#3: Receive A Higher Pay Cheque Than Your Friends

We have already spoken about the demand for digital marketers exceeding the supply; however, we still need to look at how the value of the product will increase the price. This is a basic economic concept for when you are working in an industry with a large skills shortage; you should consider yourself a commodity and negotiate your pay accordingly.

According to a survey conducted by Prosperity, it was discovered that salaries for digital marketing professionals are rising at a faster rate this year than the last five years. Moreover, the pace of growth is set to rise as the year’s progress. For instance, the average salary for a digital marketing manager in Dublin is €68,000. In fact, all types of digital marketers are increasing their salary with entry-level positions jumping from €25,000 in 2017 to €28,000 in 2018.

#4: You Can Begin A New Career

In traditional careers, such as advertising, you would need to wait for a graduate placement or internship to become available where you can gain experience and create a portfolio. The digital marketing world, however, offers a plethora of opportunities for you to begin a career before you set foot in the traditional workplace.

Do you want to stand out to employers? It is recommended that you build a strong social media presence, gain social media followers, begin a blog and contribute to online conversations. There are various online examinations you can complete, such as the Google Analytics exam and the HubSpot’s Inbound Certification exam. By obtaining these qualifications, you can boost a CV and showcase digital marketing knowledge.