Chances are you have heard the hype by now – digital marketing skills are in high demand and the gap for digital skills is set to widen even more. As the job market continues to boom (and is bursting at the seams), more brands are set to put a greater focus on digital marketing. More career choices, increased pay, and bigger budgets are but some of the benefits a digital marketing professional can look forward to as the days go by.

Wondering about what to study next? Or which career path to take? If you are, then take a moment to discover the four significant benefits digital marketing has to offer.

1. Make Yourself an in-demand Professional

You have probably heard all about the digital marketing skills gap. According to estimates, there will be over 150,000 digital job openings by the year 2020 but not enough digital experts to fill them. Considering this, those studying digital marketing now have a competitive advantage over those taking up other career paths. If you are studying digital marketing, you will be glad to know that you are gearing yourself for a career where demand surpasses supply.

According to marketing consultants in Hampshire, the demand for digital marketing experts will rise by about 38% this year – so, now is the time to take advantage.

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Before embarking on a digital marketing career, take the time to find out which digital marketing skills are in demand in 2018.

2. Benefit From More Career Options

Most of the world’s leading or top digital companies like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google have offices in Dublin. As such, there is a pool of job opportunities in Dublin that digital professionals can choose from. Rarely will a week go by without hearing an onslaught of new digital jobs being announced by national brands, multinationals, and even small-medium enterprises.

For instance, Ryanair recently created about 200 digital jobs, with a majority of these being digital marketing positions. Taoiseach Enda Kenny also recently announced nearly 400 new digital job openings at the Web Summit, jobs that cut across a variety of digital marketing roles, and which include social media. Furthermore, LinkedIn is set to double the number of its workforce from 600 to 1200 while Microsoft is planning to hire an extra 100 digital graduates.

With so many new opportunities opening up for digital marketers, you cannot afford to be meticulous about the company you’d like to work for.

3. Earn More Than Your Peers

We have already seen that the demand for digital marketing experts is exceeding supply. From what we have learned from economics, it is quite easy to tell what will happen next – when the value of a product increases, so do its price. When you are working in a thriving industry with a massive shortage of skills, then you can consider yourself a commodity – which means you, can negotiate how much you get paid.

A recent study by Prosperity reveals that digital salaries are rising much faster in 2018 than ever before. What is more, the pace of growth is also set to get faster. For instance, the average salary for digital marketing managers in Dublin right now is €68,000. Moreover, it is not just with managerial level positions but also with entry-level digital marketing positions with salaries hiking from €25,000 in 2017 to €28,000 in 2018.

4. Kickstart a Career in Digital Marketing

Traditional careers such as advertising required that you wait for a coveted graduate placement or internship to open up for you to get the experience needed to create a personal portfolio. However, that is no longer the case. As the world of digital marketing offers a variety of opportunities through which one can kick-start a career without ever having set foot in any workplace.

To capture the attention of potential employers, consider investing in building a strong social media presence, gaining a train of Twitter followers, contributing to relevant online conversations, and starting a personal blog. There are plenty of online exams like Hubspot’s Inbound Certification exam. In addition, Google Analytics exam that you can do to boost your CV, allowing you to display your digital marketing prowess.

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