Start Blogging to connect and Share with Others

Internet brings the world seems like too small to recognize. However, we are still a small thing that exist in this unlimited sized cosmic. As a human being which lives in earth, we are a social creature which needs to socialize with the other human being too. Now days, we can get connected with the other people around the world by only facing a screen, of course a digital screen like laptop, phone and the others. In this case, blog is a good choice for connecting us with other people from the world. More, by writing a blog, we can share our thouhgt that might be useful for us or the other people who read it. Blog is also one of many ways to get money. However, most of people are confused about How to start a blog. Many people are thinking that writing a blog will be difficult to get what we want from the blog. The truth is, we need to start writing first. Yes, by writing, we can learn how much difficult to write a blog. In writing a blog, we need to make sure about the content of our blog. We need to know what we are going to write about. It is better to choose to write our blog with content that we like or attracted the most. For example, if we like and attracted all about healthy life style, it is good to write the blog with all about health content.

Creating Name and Theme for Blog

To start having a blog, after deciding content for our blog, we need our blog name. It is better to have a blog name with catchy name when we want to have our blog as a famous or favorite blog for many people. We can use Blog Name Generator in creating our blog name. This is easy way to have a name for our blog without thinking too much what kind of name that is good for our blog. The blog generator name is working by giving us advices for blog name. This will be easy when we get a catchy name generated by the machine. Then, after deciding the content and blog name, we are going to start a design of our blog. It is good for having a blog with nice blog design where people who read the blog will be more attractive to keep reading in our blog. There are some blog sitest that are free to use. One of them is WordPress. This is a blog site which has its function for writing blog. For WordPress users, there is a feature that is Free WordPress Theme. This is a feature that WordPress brings to its blog. With using this feature, we can choose the theme for our blog. There are many theme to be applied for being our blog template. This will be easy let our blog started without designing too much by our own. So, after deciding content, name and blog theme, we can start to write and post in our blog.