As content marketing is at its best this year, marketers have to be willing to invest in high quality content for their sites in order to stay successful and avoid being left behind. With so many blogs online, however, ranging from general to specific topics, run by global companies and single individuals, how do you decide which ones are worth reading?

Here is our list of favourites:


The Vero blog specialises in email marketing, which although it is closely related to social media and general content marketing, can be hard to find high quality material about. At least, that was the case for us before we found this great site, with interesting, insightful posts about email marketing.


The HubSpot community is made up of more than 300,000 business owners and marketers. It publishes daily, and there’s a great deal that one can learn from the site, which covers SEO, lead generation, content marketing, social media, analytics, and more. The site also offers the expertise of a variety of guest bloggers that post on a regular basis, to supplement the knowledge of their staff.

Jim’s Marketing Blog

This blog is both written and managed by Jim, who is a marketer with more than thirty years of industry experience; the site features more than 300 articles, proving that Jim is indeed dedicated to his craft and has a great deal of knowledge to pass on. The information is simple, easy to understand and utilise, and overall quite insightful. The blog also has a separate area dedicated to “Marketing Tips” which offers basic tips on many aspects of marketing that can be worked into your existing marketing plan.

Content Marketing Institute

One of this site’s main features is the “This Week in Content Marketing” series, which showcases the most current events and news related to content marketing, including video content by Fat Free Media. The site is also home to a variety of articles written by numerous writers, digging into content strategy, blogging tips and best practice, industry trends, and keeping you up to date on content marketing news.


This site is amazing, plain and simple. It was started in 2006 as a one-man show, but now has more than 330,000 subscribers that receive daily information about what drives traffic, helps people build a business, and attracts customers’ attention. Our favourite thing about CopyBlogger is his free 20 part course that he offers to anyone who wants it, which covers social media, email marketing, SEO, and anything else one needs to know to do business online.


This site is an easy destination for online seminars, marketing tools, strategies, articles, and even more. They offer great solutions to all of your marketing problems, and experts help give you information on a wide range of marketing aspects – from social media advice to ongoing industry trends.


Hootsuite is a blog that’s built around getting social media done right, building a consistent social media brand. The site’s articles aim to teach everyone about social media, working to help micro-scale businesses develop a macro approach to posting on all of their social media accounts.

Business Insider

This giant spans the world, which makes for a diverse range of fascinating articles. There’s a heavy focus on advertising, but the blog posts about marketing news and influencers, as well as what’s going on with major businesses on a global scale.


One of the best things about MarketingLand is that they feature breaking news stories about digital agencies, which helps you to stay ahead of your competition. The writers also work to publish strategies and tips from subject matter experts, which can often be adapted to your own business’s digital marketing campaigns.